Fabio Catapano is an Italian visual artist and designer, mostly working with digital media. He creates still, moving and interactive art by using creative coding, CGI, 3D, graphics and real-time video technology. 

Currently working as a Creative Lead at FIELD.IO

Recognitions / Exhibitions / Publications

2020 “La gran bissa di Milàn” by Tazi Zine
2020 “I don’t wanna go” by Model 86 – Complex 
2019 “Case study: Slash III” – Notch.one
2019 “Digital Art Fest” – Collective exhibition, Napoli
2019 “I rifiuti raccolti in spiaggia diventano un progetto tipografico” – Artwort
2019 “義式百變風格 Italian Design” – A collective exhibition about Italian Design at Taiwan Design Museum
2019 “Prossemica” – Computational art featured on Stefan Sagmeister’s Instagram account
2019 “Audiografia” – Generative video art part of the collective exhibition SPAMM Philosophy in Napoli
2019 “Il mondo reale e virtuale di K-Conjog nel video in anteprima di Slashes III” – Wired Italia
2016 “Soundscape” – Audio / Video installation for the collective exhibition Nuvola Creativa, Macro Testaccio, Roma
2016 “Fall&Feel” – Live Audio/Video performance at AV Depot, London
2016 “Napoli Photo Gallery” – Photography series published on AWM #03
2013 “City Noise” – Generative art project posted on Interactive Design
2010 A series of VJ performances at the contemporary art museum Madre, Napoli
2009 “Gomorra art” – Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Member + Supporter

2019 / Current AIAP – Senior Professional Member of the AIAP (Italian Council of Visual Design Communication)
2017 / Current Member of The Typographic Circle


2013 VJing and video mapping workshop – NUT Academy Napoli, Italy


2019 Visual Identity, short course – UAL London
2017 Front End Web Development, online course – SuperHi
2012 Motion Graphic, certificated course – NAD School Italy
2011 Digital Culture and Communication. Social Science and Anthropology – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
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